Connecting System, Innovation and Learning

Harnessing multi-sector evidence, approaches and partnerships to sustainably finance and deliver global public goods in Africa

Chestrad Africa and Middle East

Chestrad Africa and middle east was founded since 1993 with a hub in Lagos, Nigeria.

Chestrad International

Chestrad international - Europe, Asia and the pacific was founded in 1996 wit a hub in the UK, London.

American Friends of Chestrad

The Americas, Mexico, Canada and the caribbean founded in 2003 with hubs in Delaware and New Jersey.

An African led network global social network enterprise and development agency

Established to consolidate the achievements of CHESTRAD across its network members and sustain southern thought leadership in global health and development.

We’ve Impacted Over 33 Communities, Individuals and Families With Healthcare Deliveries.

Integrity is the foundation upon which our six core values are built.

CHESTRAD’s host country and area of primary focus is


Our Advocacy


No Mother No Child

A Tariro campaign to accelerate momentum towards the gathering of like minded individuals to support children, girls and women

Eleyinju Aanu

A Chestrad campaign for domestic financing from community giving, organized philanthropy to promote high social impact programmes.

Rescue And Recover

A ComCOVID campaign to promote and rekindle our great expectations for an equitable and inclusive post pandemic world.

News & Article

Chestrad Launches Tariro

The well-being of girls, women and children in every society is a collective responsibility. They are the pillars of the...