Who We Are

A global non-state, not-for-profit social enterprise established in 1992.

Chestrad global is an african led networked global social enterprise and development agency established to consolidate the achievements of chestrad across its network members and sustain southern thought leadership in global health and development.

Our network members are Africa, Europe and the Americas, as well as country partners in Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. With a focus on Lower and Middle Income Countries (LMIC) as classified by the World Bank, the mission of the CHESTRAD Global is to harness multi-sector evidence, approaches and partnerships to sustainably finance and deliver global.

We are registered in Nigeria as a Corporation Limited by Guarantee and is tax-exempt. We are also registered in the United Kingdom as a Company Limited by Guarantee (Registration number: 03249311) and is a public charity (1058387).

Purpose Statement

African-led, country impact, regional collaboration and global Influence.

Consolidate nearly 30 years of pathfinding achievement in health, social and economic development.

Context responsive, community and people centered programmes.

Scale known interventions and deliver global common goods health, nutrition, education, financial services, sustainable livelihood and human capital development.

Achieve sustainability through blended financing (from dependence on aid to reliance on domestic resources and economic cooperation).

Place women, children and young persons at the centre of social justice systems and human capital development in Africa through improved access to financial services and technology.