Who we are


A Global Advocate For Health, Science, Research & Development

The Centre for Health Sciences Training, Research and Development (CHESTRAD) is a global non-state, not-for-profit social enterprise established in 1992. It is registered in Nigeria as a Corporation Limited by Guarantee and is tax-exempt. It is also registered in the United Kingdom as a Company Limited by Guarantee (Registration number: 03249311) and is a public charity (1058387).

The United States of America enjoys tax-exempt contributions and funds from its 501(c)3 supporting organization “The American Friends of CHESTRAD”.

CHESTRAD Global is not-for-profit in orientation, registered in the United Kingdom as a charity, enjoying diplomatic status in Nigeria through its pan-African health systems advocacy programme ACOSHED as well as benefiting from its 501(c)3 supporting organization, the American Friends of CHESTRAD Global.

Our Vision

A notable ethical African-led social enterprise and development agency to sustainably finance universal access to assets to survive, thrive and excel throughout the continuum of life. 

Our Mission

Optimise multi-sector data, evidence and approaches to deliver global common goods (health, nutrition, education, financial services), and contribute to human capital development in Africa. 

Our Purpose

Through our work,  individuals, families and communities, especially those with the fewest resources gain access to the opportunities and resources they need to succeed.



Our Vision shows what we are striving for – the Mission highlights how we want to achieve it. To pursue these two core elements of our organizational strategy, we need a solid foundation, which supports our Vision and Mission and helps us to fulfil them.

At CHESTRAD, this foundation is built upon our six core values. These are described by statements of commitment and have a decisive influence on the culture and strategies utilized organization-wide.

Our Core Values


In-built in our vision is to thrive and excel in a relatively ongoing way across various domains of life.


Provide a funding stream for our programs and campaigns towards bettering lives.


Productive use of our resources towards driving our overarching vision and mission towards better life. 


Responsibility to be transparent, honest, accountable, and ethical, to give out accurate information


We have been established to serve social & humanitarian causes and advocate public policies.

Equity & Fairness

Diversity, equity and inclusion matter to us and is a major driver of all we do at Chestrad Global.

Core Expertise

PHC Systems Strengthening & Management
Community and Mid level Health workforce development and service integration
Data informed performance management and learning
Community Mobilization and Citizen’s Action
Development and Health Policy and Financing Advisory


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