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Introducing the New Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff to the President, Chestrad Global

Anna Butler has been an advocate and researcher in the sustainable development space for years. She holds an Ed.M. from Harvard University, where she specialized in equitable education access and global protection policies. Throughout her career, Anna has desired to scale her impact and connect motivated change-makers worldwide. She now hopes to continue doing just that by joining the Chestrad Global team as Chief of Staff to the President.

Anna strongly believes in the potential of Africa and has spent significant time living on the continent. As Chestrad’s new Chief of Staff, Anna seeks to ultimately amplify African ideas through her role. Anna has seen firsthand the profound impact that social enterprise work can have on people’s lives. She is an advocate for change at systemic levels and recognizes the unique position Chestrad Global can have in current, global health dialogue for post COVID19 pandemic recovery and build back efforts. As such, Anna is eager to contribute to the growth and development of Chestrad Global by bringing her expertise and skills to her new role as Chief of Staff to the President.

Anna’s former roles across the globe have proven that she is a dedicated leader and a skilled communicator. Her unique background has shaped a thorough understanding of successful capacity-building, furthering her ability to manage Chestrad Global’s teams and programs. By representing the Office of the President externally as well as facilitating project management within the organization, Anna plans to support Chestrad’s work towards a multitude of inspiring goals.

Jasmine Sophia

Jasmine Sophia

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