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CHESTRAD Global responds to COVID-19 with ComCOVID Initiative

CHESTRAD Global’s response to the COVID19 pandemic seeks to position not only the new pressures in heath security and systems occasioned by the pandemic but also to respond to the chronic challenges in the country’s health and social protection systems that will undermine a robust and universal national response. Realizing the novelty of the virus with  global and regional dimensions to its expression, which in synergy impacts on country level action; CHESTRADs core agenda is to bring efforts to impact at the community level where all phases and actions will settle and have the maximal impact.  Our actions sought to implement guided community collectives and inform citizen’s action using a PHC approach and social protection lens.  This is identified as CoMCOVID (Community Collectives and Citizens’ Action Against COVID19).

View the Concept for  ComCOVID

Jasmine Sophia

Jasmine Sophia

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