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CHESTRAD Global hosts press conference to launch demand for Tariro

The wellbeing of girls, women and children in every society is a collective responsibility. They are the
pillars of socioeconomic development of any nation. In Nigeria, women and girls find it difficult to
complete their education, find gainful employment and access global markets for their commodities;
they further experience challenges to access quality healthcare and financial support. Nigeria loses
1451 women of childbearing age everyday due to pregnancy-related complications and an estimated
20% (10 million)2 of the world’s out of school children is Nigerian, 60% (6 million of whom are girls).
Furthermore, only 35.6% of children aged 36-59 months in Nigeria attend any early learning
education2 and women represent between 60-79 %
3 of Nigeria’s rural labor force.

Chestrad Global, a multi-country social enterprise, and her partners commit to a world where no
woman, girl or child is left behind, or denied access to inputs they need to survive, thrive and excel.
Today, Chestrad Global presents Tariro to the support of girls, women and children in Nigeria. Tariro
will reach 500,000 women and through them 2,000, 000 children in Lagos, and other states in
Nigeria. The project is scheduled for 2.5 years (July 2020 to Jan 2023)
Tariro will establish multi-service centres for girls, women and children in densely populated
communities, commencing in Lagos and gradually extending to other Nigerian states. Tariro centres
will provide safe and user-friendly services in basic healthcare for women and children; early learning
and special education support for children under 60 months while their mothers are at work;
financial services for women including bank accounts, enterprise loans and business support to
increase productivity and household income; psychosocial support for girls and women to reduce
gender based and domestic violence, in addition to social protection services through a solidarity
network of women to women enterprises.
Commenting on the public debut of Tariro, the President of Chestrad Global, Dr Lola Dare stated ‘At
the heart of Tariro is the modern realization of our African value of Ubuntu. We look out for each
other, so no family is left behind. Our purpose is to save lives and institutionalize our support for
each other, through innovations in domestic financing. We call on everyone’s support as we join
hands with society to harness time, networks and resources for the benefit of our girls, women and
children, knowing that we are as strong as our weakest link. Our girls, women and children must not
need to resort to harmful coping practices to survive’. We can only achieve this, if we all work
together for the success of Tariro’
Also speaking, Dr. Emmanuella Zamba, Ag. General Manager of the Lagos State Health Management
Agency (LASHMA), a leading Tariro partner affirms that ‘‘Tariro will go a long way to contributing to
the state’s effort to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC). It is also crucial in efforts to integrate
COVID19 containment efforts into community collectives and citizens’ action. We are very excited to
partner with CHESTRAD Global to implement Tariro in Lagos state’’
Kola Lasaki, General Manager of Soft Alliance and Resources Ltd, Tariro’s technology partner
confirms that “Tariro adapts innovative technologies to deploy data systems that provide a real time
platform to promote data access and use to track performance and safeguard girls, women and
children in Nigerian communities”
Tariro will ensure that our girls, women and children attain their full potentials and be productive
members of our society. As we tap into the renowned African spirit of Ubuntu, l call on all
communities, global, national and local, to join us to build a fairer world and transform the lives our
girls, women, and children all over Afric

Jasmine Sophia

Jasmine Sophia

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